Rick Allen Lippert started his career in 1976 as the number two guy in a two-man shop.  Video One, Inc. was Oklahoma City's first video production company.  Specializing in informational videos for government and business, Rick put to use the skills and knowledge he had gained as a Broadcasting major at what is now called the University of Central Oklahoma.  But it was in the workplace that his education and training really began.  By necessity, Rick had to learn how to use every piece of gear.  He learned the finer points of lighting and audio and composition, and because he had to make sense of the scripts he was given to shoot, he learned how to craft a story.  And due to the scarcity of on-camera talent in Oklahoma City back then, he applied his radio announcing experience to the front of the camera.

   Over the years, Rick has continued to learn and improve.  He earned his MA in Creative Writing in 2000 and became an Apple Certifiied Master Trainer in 2007.

   Today, Rick Allen Lippert continues to write, produce, direct, edit, and narrate.  And train - on both sides of the camera and microphone.  He can handle your project from beginning to end.  He'll bring to your production the extra people needed, or he'll work with your staff and crew.  How can Rick help you?


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