Having worked both sides of the camera and microphone for over 40 years gives Rick Allen Lippert a unique perspective.  Add to that over 20 years of teaching at the college level and training experienced adults in business and government, and you have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon.

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Training and production on both sides of the camera and microphone for over 40 years

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excerpt from "Reading the Wreckage"

by Eric Adams

Air & Space Magazine

July 2001

Then a television journalist and her cameraman—veteran Oklahoma City journalists Rick and Gwin Lippert—arrive and promptly begin aggressive coverage. They aim the camera over our shoulders to videotape our notes and use microphones to eavesdrop on conversations among investigators—both of which can lead to premature assessments or incorrect information being broadcast to the public.

On air, Gwin gives me information I didn’t know: The airplane was flying along a known drug route. She also points out that the registration number on the fuselage is merely duct tape. “Don’t you find that fishy?” she demands. “Yes, that is fishy,” is the only reply I can manage.